Weekly Wednesday Q&A with Juha Ruokangas

#55 - Ruben Roeh & The Art of Teaching Guitar

October 12, 2022 Juha Ruokangas / Ruben Roeh Episode 55
Weekly Wednesday Q&A with Juha Ruokangas
#55 - Ruben Roeh & The Art of Teaching Guitar
Show Notes

What is ear training about? Active listening? Biomechanical method of teaching guitar..!!? Half a year ago I had no idea - but thanks to Ruben Roeh we'll all know a lot more after watching this interview!

Ruben is a hard working musician and guitar teacher based in Hamburg, Germany. Most of you who follow us most likely have come across demos or other content involving Ruben's input. Yes, we're good friends and work together - would be fair to say that Ruben has become also one of our main test pilots for the Valvebucker invention early on. This interview focuses however more to Ruben's work as a guitarist and guitar teacher. We'll also talk a little about the freshly released album 'Trapezia' by Cosmic Latte!

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This podcast was originally published as a live stream on YouTube,  and the imagery of the original video is obviously missing from this audio-only version. Tune in on YouTube and search Weekly Wednesday Live Q&A with Juha, and you'll find the originals!

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