Weekly Wednesday Q&A with Juha Ruokangas

#56 - Songs From The Wood: Ebony

December 21, 2022 Juha Ruokangas Episode 56
Weekly Wednesday Q&A with Juha Ruokangas
#56 - Songs From The Wood: Ebony
Show Notes

Why is ebony so highly valued in the world of musical instruments? Let's discuss about tradition and sustainability - and how those two concepts conflict in the case of ebony.

Historically, ebony - this mythically exquisite wood from the dry and intermediate zones in Western Africa, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Southern India and Indonesia - was available only to master craftsmen because of the nature of the material and its great expense. The use of it has a long history of use in cabinetwork, decorative items, crucifixes – and in a wide array of musical instruments.

In this episode of my (Weekly) Wednesday Live I'll tell how this story I heard from Bob Taylor years ago changed my thinking - and how it will change your thinking too.


This broadcast is targeted to all of you who enjoy guitars and basses, be it players, enthusiasts or collectors alike! The program is not about the guitars we make in my company Ruokangas Guitars. I'm doing this for you, who are interested in learning more about your instrument. The brand or monetary value of your guitar makes no difference whatsoever.

This podcast was originally published as a live stream on YouTube,  and the imagery of the original video is obviously missing from this audio-only version. Tune in on YouTube and search Weekly Wednesday Live Q&A with Juha, and you'll find the originals!

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