Weekly Wednesday Q&A with Juha Ruokangas

#41 - Where is guitar design going next?

September 15, 2021 Juha Ruokangas Episode 41
Weekly Wednesday Q&A with Juha Ruokangas
#41 - Where is guitar design going next?
Show Notes

"We've seen the Telecasters, Stratocasters and Les Pauls in an endless variety of reincarnations. We've seen the radical deviations from tradition by Steve Klein, Ned Steinberger, Ulrich Teuffel and their modern day incarnations such as Strandberg and the like. We've seen the beautiful designs by Ritter, Pagelli, Spalt, Ergon and so many more contemporary master guitar makers. But... what is next? Or have we seen it all?"

I've flirted with this topic before. A couple of years ago, on my video 'Electric Guitar... Dead?' I mused on the future of electric guitar and guitar driven music in general. On a more recent video 'I have a great idea! But how do I convince the world?' I shared my thoughts on the creative process itself, and the challenges one can face when attempting to break through with a new idea or concept. Let's continue from there, and dive in to the deep end of the world of guitar design!

To climatize yourself to the topic, I recommend you to watch the two videos mentioned above!

This broadcast is targeted to all of you who enjoy guitars and basses, be it players, enthusiasts or collectors alike! The program is not about the guitars we make in my company Ruokangas Guitars. I'm doing this for you, who are interested in learning more about your instrument. The brand or monetary value of your guitar makes no difference whatsoever.

This podcast was originally published as a live stream on YouTube,  and the imagery of the original video is obviously missing from this audio-only version. Tune in on YouTube and search Weekly Wednesday Live Q&A with Juha, and you'll find the originals!

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